Second Demo: airplane disaster in Geneva border

Second Demo, an “airplane disaster in Geneva border”, is going to take place in the Globe near the CERN (European Organization for Nuclear Research) a few kilometers away from Geneva airport. This event is dedicated to the presentation of latest innovations related to interoperability between PPDR legacy networks TETRAPOL and TETRA.

Second Demo

Two sessions are organized: one in French on June 29th and one in English on June 30th (same program on both days, only different language). Please note that you need to register to attend the event. Registration deadline is Wednesday June 22nd (subject to availability) on the following link:

Program summary:

  • 08.30-09.30 : Welcome Coffee
  • 09.30-16.00 : Presentation of the CERN, Demonstration of the TETRAPOL-TETRAPOL technical solution, demonstration of the TETRA-TETRAPOL-TETRAPOL tactical solution, Enhanced Terminals, supporting tools,…
  • 16:00 End of presentations and free visit
  • 17.30: End of the official part

We look forward to seeing you in Geneva….