Live connection test between Swedish and Norwegian national networks

On June 28th the first live test connection between Rakel (Sweden) and Nødnett (Norway) has been carried out with great success.
The Norwegian-Swedish ISI (Inter-System Interface) project is a joint development initiative between the two countries with the purpose of establishing cross-border communication for public safety agencies.
The two networks are operated by two different organizations; the Norwegian TETRA network Nødnett is run by the DNK (Directorate for Emergency Communications), and Sweden’s Rakel is maintained by MSB (Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency). Moreover, two manufacturers supply the TETRA infrastructure networks in the two countries, Motorola Solutions in Norway, and Airbus Defence and Space in Sweden.
Sweden and Norway share a 1619 km long border, the longest land border for both nations. As both countries are part of the Schengen, citizens’ movement between the two countries is open, this leads to the need for interworking, driven by the need of manage possible emergencies, major public events, state visits, international crime, terrorism or environmental disasters in the border regions.
The Norwegian-Swedish ISI project has been established to ensure that emergency services can communicate using their terminals in both countries. The end point of the project will allow officers to cross the border into the neighbor country (terminal migration) and to communicate with emergency services from other nation as well as with their own team and home control room.
Extending the work of Norway and Sweden, the ISITEP (Inter System Interoperability for TETRA and TETRAPol Networks) project provides technical and operational building blocks for ISI operation between different nations.
The experience carried out by Norway and Sweden can in facts be considered both as a model for, and as an integral part of ISITEP project, to be taken as basis for corresponding scheme for other EU countries. In particular, Norwegian-Swedish ISI project can be used in ISITEP as background of best practices for methodologies, dealing with work processes, distribution of responsibilities, voice group structures, guidelines and transnational legal agreements.
During the live demo test of 28th of June, the first conversation between Rakel and Nødnett terminals has been successfully performed as well as terminal migration between the two networks.

Nødnett to Rakel migration