• Wednesday
    December 21

    ISITEP WP7.4 Demo: ”Joint Police Surveillance Patrol"

    ISITEP WP7.4 Demo, ”Joint Police Surveillance Patrol", will take place in Genoa, at Leonardo Company on 21st December 2016.

    The scenario consider the international cooperation among two Spanish groups (GC & CNP; TETRAPOL) and one Portuguese group (GNR; TETRA). 

    The demo evaluates four services:

    1. TETRA-TETRAPOL Group Calls using ISI/SIP
    2. TETRA-TETRAPOL voice migration 
    3. ISITEP Value added apps (WF, EME, SST) 
    4. ISITEP tools: Dimensioning Tool, Operation Cost Estimation Tool or Operations Training Tool 

    You can find here the Agenda  and the InfoPack  of the event.

  • Thursday
    December 14

    ISITEP Final Workshop

    Final ISITEP workshop will hold at Roma Tre University.

    During the workshop the ISITEP project will be presented to a various public, composed by university and PhD students, end-users and experts.

    After an introduction about Future of PPDR communications and ISITEP project, the chair will be given to Italian and Belgian end-users depicting the current status of play for PPDR communications.

    The event will be also the chance to better know ISITEP results and outcomes, with an "hands-on" demo session focusing on terminals and supporting tools.

    In last sessions of the workshop ISITEP next steps and prospective for the future will be also presented.

    Please find here the detailed AGENDA  and INFOPACK.

  • Thursday
    December 1

    Final ISITEP User Forum - Communication Without The Borders – The Results!

    After three years of hard work and fruitful cooperation between the partners, the ISITEP project is coming to its end.
    All ISITEP partners are pleased to invite you to the FINAL ISITEP User Forum which will take place in Rome, Italy, on the 1st December 2016.

    This Conference will bring together stakeholders, end users, industry, universities from around Europe belonging to the Public Protection
    & Disaster Relief (PPDR) communities, to illustrate the results achieved.

    You will learn from the Norway-Sweden ISI project which is the first real implementation of TETRAISI between two countries, and the other relevant demos performed across Europe. 
    You will learn about the implementation of the ISITEP framework (the new TETRA-TETRA/TETRA-TETRAPOL ISI gateways, the Enhanced PMR Terminal and supporting tools, the new procedures and legal agreements for interoperability) and meet end-users, suppliers, network operators, and research fellows who worked to put cross-border inter-operable communications among EU police forces into practice.
    Moreover you’ll have the chance to discuss future evolutions and perspectives for “Inter System Interoperability for TETRA-TETRAPol Networks” and lay the foundations for the next step.

    Participation in the User Forum is open and free of charge. The pre-registration is mandatory, you can register here: https://goo.gl/forms/aDqBonsPDPWQ4rqn1

    You can download here the info-pack and the agenda.

    For any further information, please contact us at the following mail addresses: paolo.dimichele@leonardocompany.com.

    We look forward to greeting you at the FINAL ISITEP User Forum!

  • Thursday
    June 30

    Second Demo: airplane disaster in Geneva border

    Second Demo, an "airplane disaster in Geneva border", is going to take place in the Globe near the CERN (European Organization for Nuclear Research) a few kilometers away from Geneva airport. This event is dedicated to the presentation of latest innovations related to interoperability between PPDR legacy networks TETRAPOL and TETRA.

    Two sessions are organized: one in French on June 29th and one in English on June 30th (same program on both days, only different language). Please note that you need to register to attend the event. Registration deadline is Wednesday June 22nd (subject to availability) on the following link: http://indico.cern.ch/e/isitep2016

    Program summary:

      • 08.30-09.30 : Welcome Coffee
      • From 09.30 until 16.00 : Presentation of the CERN, Demonstration of the TETRAPOL-TETRAPOL technical solution, demonstration of the TETRA-TETRAPOL-TETRAPOL tactical solution, Enhanced Terminals, supporting  tools,…
      • 16:00 End of presentations and free visit
      • 17.30: End of the official part
    We look forward to seeing you in Geneva....

  • Wednesday
    May 18

    First ISITEP Workshop

    First ISITEP Workshop will take place in Brussels during the PSCE (Public Safety Communication Europe) conference on May18th 2016. 
    PSCE Conference & co-located Workshop on Ethical, Legal, Social Issues in PPDR Networked Information Exchange will gather users, industry representatives and researchers from the ‘public safety communication’ domain, discussing about Future communication networks, Pan European Information Space, Handling emergency and How Copernicus and Galileo services support crisis management.

  • Thursday
    Sep 24

    ISITEP Second User Forum

    The second ISITEP User Forum will take place in Stockholm on 24th September 2015, with the main objective to bring together stakeholders of the Public Protection & Disaster Relief (PPDR) communities to illustrate them the results achieved at the end of the 2nd year of the ISITEP Project and to show the how ISITEP partners are planning the trials foreseen in Summer 2016.

    Program summary:

    • 09:30 AM Registration time
    • 10:00 AM Welcome and introduction – Status and Plans for ISITEP
    • 10:30 AM TOPIC 1: The Norway-Sweden ISI project – Perspectives from the operators and the end-users
    • 11:30 AM Coffee Break
    • 11:50 AM TOPIC 2: ISI – How does it work? TETRA ISI gateway architecture and functionalities
    • 12:30 PM Lunch break
    • 01:30 PM TOPIC 3: Radio terminals for cross-border communication: TETRA-TETRA & TETRA-TETRAPOL radio terminals of the future
    • 02:00 PM TOPIC 4: ISITEP Demonstrations part 1 
    • 03:00 PM TOPIC 4: ISITEP Demonstrations part 2 
    • 03:50 PM TOPIC 5: Lessons learned – reflections from the ISITEP participants
    • 04:10 PM  Conclusions and close out
    The agenda is available here.

  • Tues
    May 19

    Critical Communications World

    ISITEP project has been presented in Barcelona, for TCCA 17th annual Critical Communications Word.

    More information available in ISITEP newsletter.

  • Thursday
    April 23

    2nd Advisory Board meeting

    meeting AGENDA:

    09.30 - 10.00

    Registration time

    10.00 - 10.10

    Welcome and introduction

    10.10 - 10.30

    Deliverable D2.1.2

    Presentation of the finalize D2.1.2 document (current state of play and scenarios) + report of the comments and specific inputs from AB members.

    10.30 – 11.00

    Deliverable D2.3.2

    Presentation of the finalized D2.3.2 document (end-user requirements) + report of the comments from the AB members 

    11.00 – 11.20

    Coffee Break

    11:20 – 12:30

    SP3, SP4, SP5, SP6 status

    SP4, SP5 and SP6 ISITEP members to explain what has been done so far, with the focus on what should be ready for the Demos

    12.30 – 13.30

    Lunch break

    13.30 – 14.00

    Demos SP7

    Presentation of the Demos SP7, new developments from presentation AB N°1.

    14.00 – 15.10

    Presentation of the current status of each Demo, by the concerned WP7.i leader (with 1 <= i <= 5), covering the following aspects: 

    1. Scenario outline, with a double focus on who does what and who speaks to whom;
    2. Involvement of the operators and the end-user organisations, with a focus on the operative facilities Vs the lab facilities.
    3. Technical setup outline, with a focus on the innovative aspects.
    4. Operational radiocom procedures, with a focus on the procedures related to the new technical functionalities.

    15.10 – 15.30

    Coffee Break

    15.30 – 15.50

    Conclusion and action points.

    15.50 – 16.00

    Close out

    If you are a partecipant, please join the event on Facebook!


    What is the ISITEP advisory board?

    ISITEP consortium members are supported by an Advisory Board: a group of stakeholders and end users who provides additional competences on the operational needs. Among others, it has the role to approve deliverable related to requirements and procedure, to validate demonstrations and to participate and support dissemination activities. It comprises: Belgian Federal Police, Ministry of Security and Justice Netherlands, Directorate for Emergency Communication Norway, Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency (MSB), Brussel local Police, General Direction of the Civilian Security Belgium, Guarda Nacional Republicana Portugal, Belgian State Security ServiceDirection Generale De La Gendarmerie Nationale France, Federal Agency for Digital Radio of Security Authorities and Organizations (BDBOS) German, TETRA and Critical Communications Association, The Swedish National Police Board Sweden, Guardia Civil Spain, Bundersamt fur Polizei Fedpol Switzerland, Federal Office for Civil Protection Switzerland, Finnish National Police Board.

  • Tuesday
    April 21

    1st ISITEP Steering Committee

    AGENDA for the first Steering Committee, on the 21st of April:

    09.30 - 10.00 

    Registration time and welcome coffee

    10.00 - 10.10 

    Welcome and introduction

    10.10 - 11.10

    ISITEP Project overview [P.Di Michele/F.Frosali]

    1. Project Objectives and Key data
    2. Administrative status
    3. Financial status

    11.10 – 11.30

    Coffee Break

    11.30 – 12.30

    ISITEP Project overview [P.Di Michele/F.Frosali]

    1. Technical status
    2. Risks Register

    12.30 – 13.45

    Lunch break

    13.45 – 14.15

    Visit to Selex ES Demo Room

    14.15 – 15.00

    ISITEP Project DEMOS

    1. Demo Plan [C. BJERRUM-NIESE]

    15.00 – 15.15

    Coffee Break

    15.15 – 16.00


    CONCLUSIONS and Way Forward [P.Di Michele/F. Frosali]

    16.00 – 16.15

    Close out

    If you are a partecipant, please join the event on Facebook!

    What is the ISITEP Steering Committee?

    The Steering Committee (SC) is the formal decision-making body of the consortium. It is a collegial body, chaired by the PM, including one delegate representative (Senior Partner Representative) from each partner of the consortium. SC has the responsibility to solve problems that cannot be handled anyway.
    The Steering Committee will in particular be responsible for:

    • deciding upon the eventual reallocation of the projects’ budget by SPs and reviewing and proposing to the Contractors budget transfers to include in the project plan,
    • making proposals to the partners for the review and/or amendment of terms of the Grant Agreement and/or the Consortium Agreement,
    • deciding upon major changes in work, particularly termination, creation, or reallocation of SPs,
    • deciding to suspend all or part of the project or to terminate all or part of the partners, or to request the Commission to terminate the participation of one or more partners,
    • deciding upon the entering into the Grant Agreement and the Consortium Agreement of new partners,
    • agreeing procedures and policies in accordance with the Commission contractual rules, for the management of the Knowledge and IPR.

  • Tues-Weds
    October 29-30

    ISITEP Launch Event

    This event marks the public launch of the ISITEP project. Held at the headquarters of one of the project's principal end users, the event will introduce the ISITEP members and will outline the project's objectives.

  • Wednesday
    September 24

    ISITEP User Forum

    We are pleased to invite you to the ISITEP User Forum which will be held in Bruxelles, Belgium, on 24th September 2014.

    This Conference will bring together stakeholders, end users,  industry, universities from around Europe belonging to the Public Protection & Disaster Relief (PPDR) communities, to illustrate them the results achieved during the 1st  year of the ISITEP Project.

    ISITEP (Inter System Interoperability for Tetra-TetraPol Networks) is an EU funded initiative that aims to develop procedures, technology and legal agreements to achieve a cost effective global solution for PPDR interoperability across Europe.

    Participation in the User Forum is open and free of charge.

    The ISITEP 1st User Forum Agenda is available to download.

    For more details on the User Forum, download our ISITEP 1st User Forum Information Pack.


    For any further information, please contact us.

    We look forward to greeting you at the First ISITEP User Forum!