Cassidian SAS

Cassidian is a telecom equipment manufacturer and turn key supplier, active in Professional Secured Telecommunications (PMR) systems.

The PMR business supplies secure wireless communications, typically for public safety organizations and the public transport sector. These communications systems are in much demand, particularly as the need for absolutely reliable mission-critical systems grows. PMR possesses both TETRA and TETRAPOL technologies, allowing it to offer customers flexibility in their choice of radio system. Cassidian activities particularly address Emergency Services and Security Forces organizations (fire brigades, police forces, rescue teams). Cassidian provides its customers with comprehensive and integrated solutions, including infrastructure and advanced terminal hardware and software, training courses, operational exploitation facility, etc...

Cassidian is the world leader of digital PMR systems based on civil technologies with 180 networks all over the world which gives EADS DS a strong knowledge of user requirements.