High Institute of Communication and Information Technology


The High Institute of Communication and Information Technology (Istituto Superiore delle Comunicazioni e delle tecnologie dell'informazione, ISCOM) is a research and technical body of the Italian Communication Ministry whose aim is a deeply involvement in the area of standardization, research and services applications in the field of Telecommunications and Information Technologies.

ISCOM offers a technical support also to the Italian Communication Authority, public Administrations and others bodies involved in research, standardisation, lab testing and intellectual training. The institute is involved in several European projects and actions as COST 218, COST 246, COST 270, COST 291, ACTS-ESTHER, IST ATLAS and NoE ePhotonOne+. In addition it is a Member of International Standardization Bodies as ITU, IEC, ETSI etc.

Office IV of ISCOM is working and is involved on topics related to: experimental investigation and technical compliance of Base stations for LTE, UMTS GSM radio mobile networks. ISCOM has signed agreements with the major Italian Universities and International research centres. In the framework of agreement with the University of Rome Tor Vergata, ISCOM is funding PhD positions to increase the quality of its expertise and the number of its researchers. ISCOM has been contracted since 2002 by TETRA Association as an outside certification authority, to supervise the testing sessions. The sessions are supervised by the experts of ISCOM, who then analyse the results and issue a detailed official Interoperability Certificate. ISCOM main task within ISITEP is the validation of the test cases and the compliance of the inter system interface with requirements. Also field trial will be carried out in order to verify the interoperability.