Service Public Federal Interieur

The Belgian Federal Police (BFP) is a public body that has been established as a legal entity by the Law of the Integrated Police (LPI) of 07-12-1998. The Integrated Police is composed by the Federal Police (4 General Directorates, ± 12,000 members) and the Local Police (196 independent local police services spread off geographically on the whole national territory, ± 25,000 members). The Belgian Federal Police has specific specialized police missions, like the police on the communication highways and the criminal investigation police, as well as the responsibility to support the basic police missions carried out by the local police forces. In particular, in the police radio communication domain, the operational customization of the technical adjustable parameters of the radio network and terminals, the standards for the ICT equipment installations in the vehicles, the investigation to new techniques, the operational measurement of the radio coverage and the definition of a flexible functional radio model that can fit in all the operational situations, are (morally) under the main responsibility of the Federal Police.